Three Reasons Drivers Upgrade to SUVs

While sedans and coupes make excellent vehicles for some people, many drivers are left unsatisfied by the lack of abilities and options. For these drivers, SUVs are often a better choice for the following reasons:

  • More cargo capacity: It is almost unbelievable the amount of cargo you can fit into an SUV. Smaller cars, on the other hand, are notorious for not holding enough.
  • Off-road capability: SUVs are typically much better at driving on non-standard surfaces, like dirt and gravel. Coupes and sedans are best suited to paved city roads.
  • Passenger comfort: A bigger car means more interior passenger room, which allows more people to fit into your vehicle and also to be more comfortable during the ride.

If you are a Mayfield, KY resident and are currently considering upgrading to an SUV, then Driver Motors has you covered. Take a trip to our new car showroom today, where our friendly staff will help you.

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