Understanding a Gasket

A gasket is a ring of rubber, or some other material, that is utilized to seal the junction between a pair of surfaces inside an engine, or some other device. Gaskets do wear and can cease to function properly. When a gasket ceases to function properly, the phrase "blown gasket" is applied to the situation.

The net effect is that engine cannot operate properly when a gasket fails. The failure of a gasket cannot be taken lightly. The failure to address a "blown" or malfunctioning gasket can result in additional, and more serious, damage to your car's engine.

If you think you have an issue with a gasket, visit us at Driver Motors. Our car repair shop is located conveniently in Mayfield, KY. We can confirm a problem with your engine, including with a gasket. A member of our team of specialists can quickly replace a gasket or gaskets as needed.


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