Keep Your Food Safe and Car Clean During Your Road Trip

Spring and summer often ushers in a busy travel season for Mayfield, KY drivers. Perhaps you are taking a long road trip or you have family or community events you plan to go to for which you've prepared food. If that's the case, you want to make sure it gets there without being ruined or leaving you with a messy car to clean. There's a couple things you can do to make sure your food makes it to your destination this season.

  • Make sure your food is kept in a solid, non-fragile container that's completely sealed. If bringing a food item to an event, you may want to consider a disposable container or one that's relatively inexpensive to transport your food.
  • Position the food container somewhere in the vehicle where it won't shift around while you're driving, and make sure it's not stowed where other loose cargo could shift around and hit it.
  • If necessary, have a passenger hold a food container while you're driving, but only if it's not a hot container and you're not traveling too far.

Sometimes you need a little extra space to place your food in your vehicle. If you're considering upgrading your vehicle to accommodate your cargo needs, you should visit us at Driver Motors to take a look at our new car inventory to find something that meets your expectations.

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